9 Useful Tips to Choose the Best Carpet

Useful Tips to Choose the Best Carpet

When it comes to enhancing your home’s interior look, carpets hold a key significance. Available in various colours, designs and shapes, they duly help to make a suitable match with the inner theme of your home. Additionally, carpets are soft and comfortable, and people enjoy sitting on them and having games and other daily activities.

However, a key aspect of carpets is choosing the right carpet for yourself that will work. Below are some helpful tips that can guide you in finding the right carpet for your needs.

Always Prefer Suitable Colour & Pattern

The colour and pattern of your carpet add much to the elegance of your room and its theme. For example, cool blues and green colours can create a calm and peaceful environment, whereas golden shades enable you to portray your room’s cosier look.

Similarly, choosing light shades will make your room look bigger if your space is small. Moreover, if there is a probability of stains, try to pick a dark or neutral colour if you want to highlight any feature of your room.

You can also create patterns using different colour carpets to get a different look. As different colours of carpet create a whole new look, you must be very careful before picking up a specific colour and pattern that will duly address your needs.

Consider Multiple Styles

In the market, multiple carpets are available, each with its unique manufacturing material and associated properties. For example, plush carpeting is the most common that is made of twisted piles. Although it is soft and thick, it gives a pooling effect which is the appearance of marks on feet and vacuum cleaner.

Berber is another dense, flat carpet made of continuous fibre loops. It is highly durable for high-traffic rooms and even suitable for children to play on it. Saxony is another typical style best suited for master bedrooms and living rooms.

Texture carpets are made from fibres of different heights. These fibres reflect light and make the feet’ patterns difficult to see. Thus, these carpets are also suitable for large groups of people.

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Choose A Carpet with Minimum Maintenance

Choose A Carpet with Minimum Maintenance

Remember, if you have children or pets in your house, you must choose a stain-resistant carpet that requires minimum maintenance. Many rugs need less maintenance, and thus you have to bear less hassle and cost.

You can find dust-resistant carpets in the market that reflect light to lessen footprints, stains and other colour marks. Pick-textured rugs and Sanoxy are prominent examples of these carpets.

You can also install cut pile and multilevel loop carpets in low- to medium-traffic areas, as these cuttings require less cleaning effort.

Mind About Stairs

Carpets usually get grinned at the sides of stairs as they fold and lose their pile; if the carpet is dense, it can be long-lasting. Therefore, it is better to buy a carpet with high density, which means a greater number of fibres per unit area.

Other than this, you can choose a cut-pile carpet. Opting for a cut-pile carpet is more favourable compared to a looped pile, as the gaps between the loops are prone to widening when the carpet becomes curled.

Be Sure to Consider Your Health and Environment

Your health and environment are very relevant factors before buying a carpet. You have often experienced a typical smell from new carpets and rugs. This smell is due to volatile organic compounds like phenols, alcohols, and formaldehyde used in carpet manufacturing.

Inhaling these compounds injures health, causing asthma, cancer and other health problems. Many manufacturers provide details of the percentage of content used in the carpet.

Therefore, you must be careful about looking at the carpet with organic or recyclable makeup. You may also check the official websites of government regulatory authorities for guidance on how carpets of different materials can affect your health.

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Don’t Forget to Pick the Perfect Padding

Don’t Forget to Pick the Perfect Padding

Although it takes only a few pounds to buy a suitable padding for your carpet, this petty item appears to be very beneficial in many terms.

Whether providing a cushion for walking on a rigid floor, concealing subfloor imperfections, absorbing noise or regulating the temperature of your floor, padding is effective for all these purposes.

So, if you have more users, you must have suitable padding. You may also consult your manufacturer for more detailed guidance.

Be Thrift While Spending

Managing carpet for your building demands spending thriftily. It’s not always true that only expensive carpets can serve your purpose. Choose the one that suits your need and the surrounding.

You can buy a less expensive carpet for your busy family room while an expensive one for the guest room. Likewise, if you have pets, be sure to prefer carpet tile to rolled carpeting and try to replace a few tiles instead of the whole carpet if it gets stained. This can be significantly cost-effective, along with serving your purpose.

Buy from A Suitable Provider

While paying a reasonable amount to your provider, get a quality item as you can buy carpet online or physically from any departmental store or furniture showroom. Make sure to get the best-suited piece. Along with finding the right provider, you need to look for the right registered installer to get an efficient installation.

Be Mindful of Warranties

Carpets come with various warranties that you must ensure from your provider. These different warranties, like wear or crushing, are for 5-10 years. Wear warranty promises that the carpet will not lose its appearance while crushing warranty states whether the pile height can be restored. Ask your provider about the details of these warranties when buying a suitable carpet for your interior.


Carpets are pertinent for the room’s comfort, design and interior beauty; however, certain parameters must be considered while buying a carpet. These include styles, designs and patterns to match your needs and preferences.

Likewise, consider the warranty, provider and the type of place, living room/guest room, etc., so that your newly bought carpet remains in good condition for a certain time and compensates the due cost you have paid.

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