Are you searching for budget-friendly, durable, aesthetically pleasing flooring for your property? If so, you are at the right place, as it’s time to know about the Laminate Flooring. There is no doubt that laminate flooring has gained quite a reputation as a durable and reasonable alternative to other flooring options. Laminate Flooring is known for its high-quality finishing and its prestigious look. Here we will help you make a well-studied decision about Installing Laminate Flooring, as J J’s Flooring Services always help their customer choose the best option to get the desired results. So let’s just have a look into some necessary information about Laminate Flooring.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Unlike the natural options for flooring like stone, cork and wood, Laminate flooring is made of synthetic material. Laminate flooring has four layers; wear, décor, core, and backer. These four layers are sealed together in the process of lamination. These floors were initially designed as an affordable and durable option for flooring, but along with the affordability and durability, high-quality laminate flooring can give the aesthetically pleasing effect as no other flooring option can offer. Laminating flooring can recreate the look of an expensive flooring type such as wood, stone, or tile because of the décor layer. (a printed image)

  • First Layer: The first layer is called Underlayment. This layer is not present in all types of laminate flooring, and it is a type of padding made of the spongy material sheet that separates the subfloor from the laminate flooring. It is better to buy the laminate floor with this layer or to install it later as it offers a more comfortable underfoot feel and fewer hollow sounds.
  • Second Layer: The base layer is responsible for offering the structure to the laminate flooring. It is generally made of wood composite or fiber board.
  • Third Layer: It is the image layer responsible for adding the aesthetic to the floor. It comes in different colours and patterns.
  • Fourth Layer: This layer is installed for protective purposes. It helps in protecting the Laminate Floor from any damage. This layer consists of aluminium oxide coating and is a transparent layer.

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Types of Laminate Flooring

If you are planning to purchase Laminate Flooring, then it is essential to know about the options you get for the types of material.

  • Engineered Wood:

If you are one who in particular like the wood material or appearance but still is attracted to the perks of laminate flooring, Laminate Wood Flooring is the best option for you. Layers of real wood are used in engineered wood flooring in addition to acrylic lamination. It is more expensive than plastic laminate but offers a luxurious look to your floor. Its refinishing and sanding are more manageable and can be done a few times, making it last longer

  • Plastic Laminate Flooring:

This type of flooring is entirely artificial. Most people avoid it due to the complete artificiality it offers. But, its cost is half of the Engineered wood laminate flooring. It is non-susceptible to dents, staining, and scratches and is waterproof. Plastic laminate Flooring can be suitable if you want to install them for high-traffic and messy areas. Manufacturers have made a lot of progress to make plastic laminating floors exactly like the material it memic, whether wood, tile or stone. You can make it your Outdoor Laminate Flooring option as well.

Why Should You Go for Laminate Flooring?

Here are a few of the reasons why you can choose Laminate Flooring

Easy installation: Luckily, the installation process of laminate flooring is not challenging, although it requires focus, patience and experience. Its installation is also possible with professional help, especially if you want to stay within budget. Whereas, getting help from a professional can help you in installing them rightly, ensuring their long life.

Easy Care: Laminate Flooring has a protective layer to which nothing can permanently stick. Cleaning laminate flooring is easy and straightforward, and laminate Floors do not require any complicated cleaning.

Various Patterns: Most people go for wooden or stone finishing regarding laminate flooring, but it offers numerous patterns and colours to choose from. So no matter what aesthetic you want, you can get a perfect match.

Highly Durable: Many layers are there in laminate floors, including protective ones, making them more durable than other flooring options.

Some of the Other Perks of Laminate Flooring:

  • Ideal for Allergic People
  • Comfortable Underfoot Feel
  • Waterproof Features
  • Environmentally Friendly