How Can You Stop Rugs from Moving on the Carpet?

Why Does Your Rug Keep Moving on the Carpet
What are the Ways to Stop Rugs from Moving?

Rugs can add to the beauty of your place immensely. You can choose from multiple styles and colours that can brighten the appearance of the place. The only problem with them is they don’t stay in place for very long. You will observe them shifting their position continuously. This can be very frustrating and eye-soring.

Don’t worry, a moving rug doesn’t mean that you have made a mistake and chosen an unsuitable rug for your place. It is a common issue that everyone faces. If the floor is smooth, laminated or slippery, you will find your rug moving even more than it generally does. This blog will explain in detail why rugs move on the carpet and how can you stop them.

Why Does Your Rug Keep Moving on the Carpet?

Let’s start with the reason behind their movement. Well, the answer is not so complicated. They tend to move because of a simple phenomenon we call friction. When a person walks on a rug, he pushes it back while moving himself forward. Now, if the floor is slippery, or the friction between the carpet and the rug is very low, the rug will eventually move toward the direction of the pushing force.

There is another factor to include, and that will be the direction of the carpet piles. Carpets provide less static friction in the direction in which their piles are facing. that is why you will see your rug always displacing in one direction, and that will be the direction in which piles of the carpet are facing.

The good news is, there are some simple ways to keep your rug in place and get rid of this unpleasant and unwanted movement.

What are the Ways to Stop Rugs from Moving?

You can stop the rugs from moving in the following three ways:

  • Use of anti-slip mats
  • Use of double Tape
  • Anchoring with your furniture

Use of Anti-Slip mats:

Anti-slip mats are made from materials like silicon or rubber that provide sufficient static friction between the carpet and the rug. They are easy to install because you only have to put them between the carpet and the rug.

Another benefit of using anti-slip mats is that they come in different sizes and are easily available in the market. You can acquire an anti-slip mat according to the size of your rug.

Use of Double Tape

Double tape is easily available and offers a much cheaper and simpler way to keep your rug in its place. All you have to do is to apply the tape around the edges and in the middle and place it on the carpet. The tape will create a bonding between your rug and the carpet, which will hold it in place.

This method can be applied to a rug of any size and shape. But, if you are using this method, you have to know that you will have to reapply the tape after regular intervals. Moreover, the tape tends to leave residual marks on the carpet as well.

Anchoring with your Furniture:

Anchoring your rug by placing furniture on it offers a relatively simpler yet long-term solution to the moving rug. Although it doesn’t provide any solution to the rising corners, especially when your rug is thin, it can pin your rug properly in its place.

This method is more suitable for larger rugs, where they already have substantial weight to provide some friction between the surfaces. Furthermore, placing furniture like sofas and coffee tables on the rugs will make your room look more aesthetically pleasing.

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Use of Anti-Slip mats
Use of Double Tape

How to Handle Rising Corners of the Rug?

Rising corners are a common problem, especially if you buy a thin rug. They can prove potentially dangerous because they pose a risk of people tripping or falling over them if not resolved quickly and properly.

The solutions to this problem are simple: you can put anti-slip mats or use double-sided tape to keep the corners from curling up. You can also place some heavy furniture or any other item with enough weight to flatten the corners.

How Can You Choose the Right Rug for Your Home?

There are some simple steps that you can follow in choosing the right rug for your house:

Take Measurements:

Before going to the market, take measurements of the space where you want to place your rug. Make sure to include the furniture that you want to use to anchor the rug.

Choose Your Style:

Choose a design and shape that will fit the best with the decoration of your room. There are many colours, design patterns and shapes available in the market.

Choose the Right Material:

There are both natural and synthetic fibre rugs available in the market. Natural fibre rugs are more expensive than synthetic ones. However, they provide more durability and endurance. Synthetic fibre rugs, on the other side, are easier to clean and less expensive.

It should also be considered where you want to place your rug. For example, a synthetic rug is a better choice for the kitchen because it is easy to clean and stain-resistant.

Weight of the Rug:

Heavier rugs offer high resistance to wear and tear, and they are also more stable on the floor.

The right rug will beautify the ambience of your place. So, make sure you keep all the parameters in mind while choosing a rug for your place.