How to Choose the Best Colour for Your Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is highly durable, can last a lifetime, requires little maintenance, and is virtually stain-proof. The colour and type of flooring you use greatly influences the aesthetics of your home. A wrong colour decision can go a long way and cannot be changed immediately. Choosing the design and colour of laminate flooring may seem easy, but once you are presented with innumerable choices, you can get confused easily. So, what factors should be considered when choosing the pattern and colour of laminate flooring?

Type of Laminate Flooring

Although laminate flooring can be categorized in several ways, we will discuss what types of imitations are readily available. Before you decide which colour you want, you should look at imitation options. Laminate flooring is manufactured to mimic various types of wood, stone, and tiles. Common wood imitation types include oak, walnut, maple, hickory, and many more. Laminate flooring mimicking stone, rock, concrete, and ceramics are available. The latest addition to laminate flooring patterns is printed laminate flooring such as mosaics.

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Colour Options in Laminate Flooring

Once you have decided on the type of flooring pattern you want, you can move to the next step and explore the colour options. When it comes to wood imitation, nothing can match the appearance of laminate flooring that mimics the natural grains of wood. The lighter the shade, the more prominent these grains will be. Some darker shades will have a contrasting factor, making the grains more visible. Numerous colours are also available in stone imitation laminate flooring. The right colour is the one that matches your decor or creates a contrasting but aesthetic appearance. Several other factors that must be considered when choosing a colour include:


When you decide the type and colour, don’t be hasty in jumping on the trendy train. Remember that your laminate flooring will last much longer than the ongoing trends. Choosing a colour that matches many themes will be more practical, so if you decide to change the rest of the interior, it will still match your flooring. Redecorating your home will be much easier if you choose universal and common colours instead of something exotic. Light and dark-stained wood, white and grey washes and mid-tone wood colours will match many colour themes and be visually pleasing. Another incredible feature of laminate flooring is that many options are highly affordable, so even if you decide to change the flooring after ten years, the cost will not be that high.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Room Style

Interior design is very important for any room and will vary according to the room type. Some rooms would look better if they are traditional while others should have a modern touch.

  • Casual: Whitewashed finish and lighter colours create a minimalistic appearance. They give a casual vibe to your room.
  • Traditional: Oak or cherry wood laminate flooring can often be seen in period properties. They are timeless shades and can give a highly traditional appearance to your home. Darker shades are usually less expensive and easier to maintain than lighter ones.
  • Modern: If you want to create a modern look, you have several options. You can go for medium grey shades, black flooring, mosaic flooring, and many more.

Furniture and Other Accessories

Whether you are refurbishing or redecorating your home, you have likely bought the furniture and accessories. Following are some tips to make sure you create the right room personality.

  • Bold and Bright Furniture: Create a contrasting decor by choosing darker shades of laminate flooring, preferably neutral colours. Don’t overwhelm yourself and your visitors with patterns and colours.
  • Simple Minimalist Furniture: If your furniture is simple and minimalistic, and that is the look you want to promote, rustic flooring is one option that will suit your decor. If you have light-coloured furniture, then dark rustic flooring is the right choice and vice versa.
  • Wooden Furniture: If most furniture and accessories in your home are wooden, avoid getting laminate flooring with the same shade. This will make your room look flat and boring. Getting stone/rock imitation laminate flooring will be a much better idea or if you want to go with a wooden look, then go for contrasting colours.

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Spatial Features

The flooring you choose will create a prominent visual effect. Read on to find out what light and dark flooring would do to your home.

  • Light Flooring: Absorbs much less light than darker ones. This makes them highly suitable for rooms that get less sunlight. Lighter shades also can make small spaces feel much bigger. So if you have small rooms, light flooring will make them feel less restricted. Avoid lighter shades in large rooms which have a lot of space. Lighter floors will highlight the room’s emptiness if you don’t have a lot of furniture and accessories.
  • Dark Flooring: This is ideal for rooms with lots of natural or artificial lighting. If you love dark colours and don’t get enough natural light, installing high-power LED lights will resolve the problem. Lighter shades in bright settings will wash out the floor colour of your rooms. The same is true for light-coloured walls, so contrast them with darker shades of laminate flooring. Dark shades are also best for spacious rooms. At the same time, smaller rooms crowded with accessories and furniture will look even smaller if you install dark laminate flooring.
Laminate Flooring

Colourful Flooring

Colourful flooring may imply getting flooring with special colours or combining colours. It may also include mosaic-designed laminate flooring, which is rather new. These colours can be difficult to match, but if you can pull them off, you might create a unique interior. Colourful flooring can inspire movement and energy, ideal for designing active rooms such as children’s rooms, kitchens, offices, and restaurants. They can also give a special appearance to specific rooms such as your home gym, game room, or man cave.

Take Help from the Internet

The worldwide web has countless websites and social media platforms which can help you with interior designing. You can take ideas from Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and other websites dedicated to interior design. Some interactive websites and software can enable you to virtually design your entire room and check various colour themes.

Hire an Interior Designer

Designing a room or two may not be that difficult, but when renovating and redecorating your entire home, it is best to take an expert opinion. You can find numerous interior designers and companies that offer these services. Many companies which provide laminate flooring also offer interior designing services, or they can guide you towards the right people. Hiring an interior designer can save you from hassle and stress. Their experience can come in handy, and they can provide you with useful advice. They can also help you cut down your cost.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

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Common but Extraordinary Colours

As I said earlier, the colour choices in laminate flooring are numerous. Some of the most beautiful ones are mentioned below for your consideration.

Barn Oak

Barn Oak mimics reclaimed barn wood. It has cracks and oak knots embedded in a dark brown colour, making it look exactly like real wood. Pair these with a combination of dark and light décor. Barn Oak is the perfect colour for creating a warm space. 

Papua Ebony

A deep black shade mimicking a highly exotic hardwood makes Papua Ebony a sophisticated choice for laminate flooring. It has a low gloss finish and is highly suitable for rooms with much natural light and larger spaces.

Ultra Grey

Ultra Grey laminate flooring gives a modern touch to your rooms. The smooth texture blended with subtle variations of grey creates an incredible visual balance. Ultra Grey is a timeless shade and never goes out of fashion.

Sandblasted Pine

 Sandblasted Pine laminates are highly durable. There are hints of warm brown and blonde in this shade. They can match a wide variety of decors, including rustic or contemporary.


Amber laminate flooring gives a very cosy look to your home. It is radiating, soothing, and distinct. It looks exotic and can be matched to numerous types of decors. It is a universal colour that is always trendy.

Laminating Flooring
Laminating Flooring