Some of the Best Wood Flooring Designs You Should Know

A home is more than just a place of solace. It reflects the very people living in it. Just having a roof above your head is not always enough. An empty space is often more likely to cause anxiety than a space covered in some form of colour or design. That is why the visual appeal of the home you are living in carries more significance than you would have thought.

Lighting, heating, and plumbing are all important aspects to consider when making the choice of your future home. Aesthetics, on the other hand, carry similar weight, if not more. The floor is, arguably, the most important in this regard than anything else. What could be the possible reason for this, you may ask? Well, put simply, it is because out of all the items in our homes, the floor is the most touched, felt, and used. So, there is a neural connection between the residents of a house and the house’s floor. Therefore, the floor should look and feel so as to best appease its users.
There are multiple methods of improving the look and feel of your house’s floor. These range from the use of a carpet to bare stone floors made of granite or marble to even floors made of wooden panels.
Wood tile flooring has been gaining popularity over recent times, and for good reason. It is versatile, visually appealing, and can fit any style you have planned for your house. It is recommended for anyone looking for an improvement in the visual aesthetics of their home but hasn’t used laminate wood flooring yet.
Once the decision to use wood flooring in your house has been made, you have to decide between the different styles and patterns that are most popular (it is okay if you choose one that is not very popular, as well). We are here to help you out in one of the most important decisions that is going to affect you and your whole household for years to come. We discuss some of the most popular designs and patterns in this aspect and see which one suits you best.

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Straight Pattern

This is a very simple and straightforward choice of design in wood flooring. In this, the wooden tiles are arranged straight and parallel to the longest wall of the room, making it look larger than it is. For larger places, the arrangement of wooden tiles is done according to the smallest wall to allow for the illusion of the place being smaller than it actually is. This is the most simple method of wood flooring and can be done as a DIY project.

Diagonal Pattern

In this method, the tiles are placed corner to corner rather than wall to wall. With tiles being placed at a 45-degree angle, it is one of the simplest applications of wooden flooring. Furthermore, since it is a step up from the regular straight pattern, it tends to create an illusion of movement and energy within the space.

Herringbone Flooring

In simple terms, this pattern is where wooden tiles are placed in a zig-zag fashion on the floor. To be precise, the end of one tile is placed against the side of another, placing one at a 90-degree angle to another. It is more suited to larger spaces since it adds an environment that feels complex and busy. This pattern has historical significance since the Ancient Romans used this very pattern on their most famous roads. This pattern is still relevant today.

Chevron Pattern

This pattern is often confused with the Herringbone Pattern since both involve tiles being placed in a zig-zag pattern. However, there are differences between both styles in that in the chevron pattern, the ends of tiles are diagonally cut at 45-degree angles and placed together. It has a classic and timeless look to it, which appeals to people who want to go for a minimalistic yet rich look for their household. Furthermore, the room in which the pattern of choice is chevron often tends to look larger than life.

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Random Pattern

In this style of wood flooring, the size of the width of wooden tiles is random, rather than random placement of wooden tiles. To elaborate, the tiles used in this flooring pattern would comprise some tiles being 4-inch, some being 7 and others being 5-inch wide. This is not a hard and fast rule since any tile of any dimension can be used in this style. However, in almost all of the cases, the tiles are arranged parallel to the walls.

Brick Pattern

As the name suggests, the wooden flooring would be done in a manner where tiles are arranged like brickwork. There is some margin of creativity in this pattern where it is coupled with other style arrangements, such as borders or strips, forming the house floor in a distinctive manner, often unique to that specific household only.

Basket Weave Pattern

As can be derived from the name, this pattern has a series of interlocking square tiles similar to the pattern we see on wood fibre baskets. This can be done with the same wood all over, or two different shades of wood can be used to complement each other and create something that is not very commonly seen in houses. Furthermore, this pattern can be used in all types of spaces, whether small or large, making it a very versatile form of design, and is best suited for industrial and modern interiors.

The Bottom Line

As can be seen from the list of the most popular style choices for wooden flooring, there is no lack of choice between the various regular and parquet flooring. Therefore, all types of people will find something according to their taste if they opt for wooden flooring. So, if you are considering an uplift to the floor design in your home, do give these options a look and see if any of them appease you.

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