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Browse a wide selection of carpet types & colours suitable for every room.


Browse a wide selection of vinyl types & colours suitable for every room.

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Browse a wide selection of LVT types & colours suitable for every room.

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Flooring Services Birmingham

Flooring plays a definitive role in the interior design of all types of properties, whether commercial or residential. We at JJS Flooring offer various flooring solutions for your interiors. These include the following:

  • Carpets: We offer a large variety of carpets, both manmade and woollen. Manmade carpets are manufactured from synthetic fibres, while natural or woollen carpets are usually manufactured from natural fibres such as wool. The former are relatively affordable and require less maintenance, while the latter is more comfortable and exotic.
  • Laminate Flooring: Offers incredible imitation of natural woods. It is highly durable and affordable. It is moisture resistant It is highly resistant to moisture and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles: LVTs are the talk of the town. They are available in various imitations, such as wood, stone, and concrete. They offer a unique and exotic appearance to your interiors. They are waterproof and sturdy.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Similar to LVT but relatively less exotic. Highly affordable and durable.

The above are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, and prices. Get premium quality flooring installed by our experts in your homes and offices. Our professional flooring services are unrivalled, and we have earned an impeccable reputation in the market. Please scroll through our website and use our menu to check all the available options. You can request quotes online or invite our fitters to take precise measurements.

Flooring Services Birmingham

Residential Flooring Services Birmingham

Choosing the right flooring for your home can get confusing when so many incredible options are available. Our flooring experts will provide you with consultancy and guidance to support your decision. The right flooring depends greatly on the property type, room type, usage, and other considerations such as climatic/weather conditions. Carpets, whether manmade or natural, are more suitable for residential properties. Within a home, they are more appropriate for rooms which do not experience high traffic. Luxury vinyl tiles are highly versatile and can be used in any room. Vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are highly affordable and can come in handy if you have a tight budget. They can also be highly useful in rooms which experience high moisture content, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The ultimate choice is yours, and all these flooring materials can be used in any room. Avail of our home flooring services in Birmingham to make your home look better than ever.

Flooring for Offices & Commercial Buildings

Our commercial flooring contractors in Birmingham can install your choice of flooring with flawless accuracy in your offices. Depending on the type and size of your office, LVT, laminate flooring, and Vinyl sheets are the best choices for commercial installations. While LVT offers a more exotic look, the durability of all three is somewhat similar. Moreover, these flooring materials are waterproof, making them ideal for installation in office bathrooms. Laminate flooring and vinyl sheets are highly recommended for commercial areas such as waiting rooms. Our commercial flooring specialists can provide you with flawless flooring installation to ensure a perfect fit. Large bathroom areas and kitchens can also benefit from these waterproof flooring solutions. Invite our specialists to your offices or commercial buildings and exchange your ideas.

Bespoke Options for Residential & Commercial Flooring Services

Think of a colour, and we will provide it. You can check the wide variety of our colours and designs on our website. Match it with your decor or create contrasting patterns. If you already have a design plan, we will make it real for you. Select from countless shades in LVT or carpets. Get your floors covered with laminate wood or vinyl sheets. Contact us for bespoke flooring installation in Birmingham.

Flawless Fitting and Installation

We have an experience of over 30 years when it comes to providing flooring solutions, including products and installation. Our professional fitters will measure your area precisely, share design ideas with you, and provide consultation and installation. Once you have selected the type and colour of your flooring, our professional fitters will prepare your floor for installation. This will be followed by installing underlayment (if required) and the flooring you have selected. Our luxury flooring services can make your home and offices look luxurious and exquisite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JJ’s Flooring offers the following flooring types:

  • Carpets
  • Laminate
  • LVT
  • Vinyl

Yes, we have a team of expert fitters who provide seamless fitting services to all our customers. Contact us for more details.

JJ’s Flooring Services provides free delivery services (subject to terms and conditions). You may get in touch to learn more.

Yes, we are providing a warranty on carpets and other floorings. However, the warranty is subject to terms and conditions. Visit our Warranty page for further details.

We have been providing premium flooring materials and services for over 35 years. We have proudly covered more than 4.5 million square metres till today.

Yes, JJ’s Flooring has numerous flooring accessories and underlays in our catalogue. You can visit our page to explore more.


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