A perfect fusion of class and durability, laminate flooring is the best choice for your home. It replicates the wooden look, adds an element of luxury and class to the home décor, and above all, helps save money as it is a cost-effective option. At JJ’s Flooring Services, we offer the best laminate flooring services. Our vast experience, skilled craftsmanship and an unprecedented standard of services make us the most reliable laminate flooring Birmingham company.

What are Laminate Floors Made from?

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers. These include:

·      Top Layer

It is a wear layer that’s made from melamine resin, which is a hard-wearing material resistant to dents, strains, burns, and scratches. Due to this top layer, laminate flooring can retain its look and sheen for a long time.

·      Decorative Layer

Usually, a high strength paper is used as a decorative layer in laminate flooring. Due to this layer, the flooring has a distinct appearance and character. The best part of this decorative layer is that it can mimic different flooring options in appearance. For example, if you do not want to have your flooring look like wood, you can choose from stone, slate, or ceramic designs. The options are abundant.

·      Core Layer

That’s what forms the ‘core’ of the laminate flooring. It is made using a high-density fibreboard. It is quite hard because of the resins in it. This sheet helps to make laminate flooring moisture resistant.

·      Balancing Sheet

Lastly, laminate flooring has a strong bottom layer. It is responsible for adding stability to the entire structure.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

There are different options available when it comes to installing new floors in your home. Laminate makes the best choice among all of them because of the following reasons:

·      Budget-friendly

Getting new wooden flooring installed surely seems like a costly affair. But not if you’re choosing laminate flooring in Birmingham. It is a budget-friendly alternative to wooden floors as it allows homeowners to achieve the same look but without burning a hole in their pockets. It will leave you with plenty of budget for other home improvement projects.

·      Durability

It’s not easy to get new flooring installed now and then. It’s not only expensive but an extensive project, which will greatly disturb your routine life. However, with modern laminate flooring Birmingham UK services, this wouldn’t be an issue since laminate is designed to last for a long time. Therefore, you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend any more money or time on flooring installation services.

·      Easy to Install and Maintain

With laminate flooring supplies easily available all over Birmingham, it’s easy to install in your home. However, it is highly recommended to get professional and expert laminate floor fitters Birmingham on board if you want results that will last for a long time. Doing it on your own may not be a wise decision since the process requires a certain level of expertise and experience.

·      A Luxurious and Classy Look

Laminate flooring can add the element of luxury and class to any part of your home. Due to its distinct yet appealing look, it can enhance the look, appeal, and even value of your home. Therefore, expect to get offers when you plan to sell your house.

·      Cost-effective in the Long Run

Because of its durability and superior quality, laminate flooring in Birmingham UK can prove to be quite cost-effective in the long run. Also, you won’t have to spend money on its maintenance. We offer cheap laminate flooring Birmingham options for you.

·      Suitable for Every Room

Laminate flooring in Birmingham is available in a wide range of designs and styles, making it suitable for every part of the home and any look you want to create. For example, if you want a classier bedroom look, opt for the wooden style. Similarly, you can chase slate or ceramic designs for bathrooms and other rooms.

Laminate Flooring by JJ’s Flooring Services

At JJ’s Flooring Services, we are dedicated and committed to offering the best services for our valued clients. We have a team of highly experienced and professional experts who will assist you in every phase of the project, right from the selection of the laminate flooring design to the absolute completion. Our unparalleled service standard and cost-effective solutions make us one of the best laminate flooring companies Birmingham.

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