Who we are?

We have been serving the people of the UK for over 35 years and have been providing them with the most beautiful flooring solutions. These include LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), Vinyl Sheets, Carpets, and laminate flooring. Over these years we have built a relationship of trust with our customers and have completed numerous projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our expert team of craftsmen provide all services under one roof including measurement, transportation, and installation of flooring solutions. Check our Laminate Flooring Stirchley collection to choose the best laminate flooring for your home or office.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was developed to provide an alternative and effective flooring operation in place of expensive hardwood, marble, and ceramic tiles. Its ease of installation, whether in homes, offices, is another factor that has turned laminate flooring into one of the primary flooring choices. The diversity of colours and designs allow you to comfortably match your interior design. It has multiple layers, making it a durable and long-lasting product. It is scratch-resistant and water-resistant so you can install them anywhere in your home including kitchens.

How it is installed?

You can install laminate flooring on almost every existing surface, although some surfaces may require a little preparation to ensure a perfect fit. Ease of cutting and shaping allows it to be installed in every shape and size. Our installation process usually involves measuring the space to be covered precisely, transportation of laminate sheets to the installation site, surface preparation, and fitting them. First, our Laminate flooring Stirchley team will take the necessary measurements of all your rooms where you want to install laminate flooring. Next, they will present you with a quote for the products and services you want to avail. When you accept the quote, our team will transport the laminate flooring supplies to your site. They will first clean the entire surface and make sure it is properly levelled. The next step will be the installation of a foam underlayer which will be glued to the laminate flooring. The laminate flooring will not be glued to your floor, the collective weight of the laminate flooring and the foam layer will be sufficient to prevent the floor from moving underneath your feet. We are among the top laminate flooring companies Stirchley and will fit your laminate flooring to your complete satisfaction.

How much can laminate flooring cost?

Laminate flooring is the cheapest flooring solution and your total cost will depend on a number of factors. Cheap laminate flooring Stirchley can be procured for a low rate of just £ 10 per meter square. The rate can vary depending on the quality and can go up to £ 50 for modern laminate flooring Stirchley. The supplies will include foam underlayment which can be anywhere between £ 1 and £ 5 per meter square. The cost of skirting and glue will also be added to the cost. Lastly, labour costs will also be added to the cost. As a rough estimate, the cost of laminate flooring for any room which has an area of 10-meter squares can vary from £ 180 – £ 480. For the best laminate flooring rates, get in touch with us today.

Why Us

Broad Range of products

No matter what the colour scheme of your home or office interior is, you can find countless colours, patterns, and designs at our store which can enhance the aesthetics of your property. Select the one that looks like stone or go for the one that looks like natural wood. Choose from shades of brown, grey, white, cream, and many other colours. You can select different ones for different rooms in your home and office. The waiting lounge can have a different colour while your own office cabin can have another. We have the largest variety of laminate flooring Stirchley UK, visit us and you will not be disappointed.

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Contact us on our registered number and talk to our representative about your flooring requirements. You can simply walk into any of our stores and check our entire collection of Laminate Flooring in Stirchley. You can also check our entire variety online on our website.